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Circle of Life Trilogy


In the Playhouse

                              ISBN: 978-1-60402-885-0

Also available is the Audio CD  ISBN: 978-1-60702-922-9







Scattered Rainbows


                        ISBN: 978-1-60702-920-5

           Also available is the Audio CD ISBN: 978-1-60702-923-6






Life on a Seesaw   


                         ISBN:  978-1-60702-921-2

        Also available is the Audio CD ISBN: 978-1-4507-5851-2





Unique books of art revealing Carol and Pat's counterpoint personalities and collective wisdom through word and visual images. Feeding off the dynamics of their friendship, they continually barter ideas and in the process, create pieces that reach out to touch us.

  • Custom hard cover cloth bound book
  • 11.25x8.75 Table Top size
  • Archival quality
  • Extra thick, heavy and acid free
  • Glossy pages
  • Poetry is varied and beautifully written
  • Award winning professional art



In the Playhouse of My Mind , Scattered Rainbows, and Life on a Seesaw

are individually priced at $40.00 plus shipping

Purchasing In the Playhouse of My Mind , Scattered Rainbows and Life on a Seesaw

as a group the price is $90.00 plus shipping




Art books are books in which the paper pages have been

folded to either spell out a word or reveal a design.

Pick your word and I will create an ART BOOK especially for YOU.

 $45.00 for the book and the first 4 letters

$10.00 for each letter after that.




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