Funke Originals

Art by Carol Funke


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An award winning artist and author, Carol Funke began drawing as a young child and has always had an interest in art.  She has studied art in several states in the U.S., as well as internationally.  Carol states that her artwork is “one of a kind” and is designed either to match her client’s décor or one of her own creations. An innovative artist, Carol works in several mediums such as;  handmade paper, watercolor, pen and ink, greeting card design, wedding invitations, handmade paper journals, wall pockets, paper bowls, and the handmade paper “Maidens” or dolls. Carol exhibited at U.S. Senator Blanche Lincoln’s office honoring Arkansas artists. Carol is a member of South Carolina Arts in Education, Municipal Arts Council of Greenville, SC, and the Artists’ Guild of Spartanburg, SC. Some of Carol’s amazing artwork can be viewed at The Artist’s Guild Gallery in Spartanburg, Chiropractic of the Carolinas in Simpsonville, SC, Gallery East Spartanburg and Greenville, SC, Spartanburg Community College, in private collections and in her studio. Carol Funke has exhibited in several states including: South Carolina, Iowa, Arkansas, Colorado, Washington D.C., Missouri, Texas, Virginia, Minnesota, California, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.